Engage mentors

Learn from the people you admire! A good mentor is someone who you can rely on and who has a positive impact on your life. Having a good mentor or role model is a great way to help you learn and reach your full potential. Watch the vlog below where ...

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Organise yourself

Use helpful habits which work for you! Finding new habits and using them to stay organised is important to help keep you on top of your home life and school life. These habits not only help you remember things, for example your homework, but can also help reduce your stress ...

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Highlight achievements

By Gregor, a member of the HeadStart team: Highlighting achievements for me is looking back on things that I have done well, and skills I have gained and how I achieve new things in the future. In 2016, I started with Project Search who helped me to gain work experience ...

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Develop life skills

Learning essential skills can help throughout adult life! There are some skills, like cooking, managing money and time management which we need to have as we use these skills throughout our adult life. Learning some essential life skills will give you the tools you need to tackle the challenges that ...

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