By Gregor, a member of the HeadStart team:

Highlighting achievements for me is looking back on things that I have done well, and skills I have gained and how I achieve new things in the future. In 2016, I started with Project Search who helped me to gain work experience in three different areas across Blackpool Council. This has led to a full time job with HeadStart as an admin assistant.

During my time at HeadStart I have completed three courses which have allowed me to perform my best within my role. Having my certificates on the wall in my office reminds me that I am able to do my job well and that I can support other members of the team.

At HeadStart we also send out weekly praise postcards to members of the team who have done a good job. This helps them to recognise their achievements and is something I do to make my colleagues smile and feel good.

At some point in our lives, we have all achieved something no matter how big or small. At times when we feel goals are out of our reach it is important to remember the things that we have done well at work and at home.

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