There’s been something lurking in the corner for a long time – It’s a guitar that I requested for a birthday present, probably a few too many years ago than I’d be happy to post on the internet. The gift was from my husband and I know that when he sees it gathering dust and falling out of tune, it hurts his feelings. Understand other people’s feelings.

I know the reason I am hesitant to strum it is because I don’t really know where to start and it’s going to be obvious, as well as frequent, to make mistakes. Know and understand yourself.

I can read quite fast so maybe that will help me? I can type quite fast too so this might help me play a chord? I see numbers and patterns in my job a lot so maybe because I find time for these talents most days, playing a tune on the guitar won’t be too hard? Instil a sense of hope.

We all start somewhere, don’t we? There’s lots of people who can help me to play my first tune. Any tips are warmly welcomed! Use existing help and solutions.

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