Lorie on being a Resilience Coach:

As a Resilience Coach I often hear young people that I work with tell me that since being on their HeadStart journey they feel they have grown so much as young individuals and have learned to take more responsibility for themselves.

A young person recently told me: ‘I no longer find things too difficult to manage on my own and I feel I am more positive because now I know that taking more responsibility for myself, and the things that I do. It really has made a difference not just to me and how I cope with things, but it has also made a difference to those around me.  For example, in year six and seven I didn’t like to do my homework, so I often got in trouble with the teachers and at home with my Dad.  Now I choose to do my homework, so teachers are happy with me, and more importantly, my Dad doesn’t constantly lecture me or tell me off anymore.  Also, I now help out with a number of chores around the house.’

As a Resilience Coach it is extremely rewarding for me to see the young people that I work with develop such levels of strength and maturity. Their ability to show consideration to others around them and understand how important it is to take responsibility for themselves, including owning up to their mistakes, can be the key to them living a fulfilling and happy life.

Young people taking responsibility isn’t about blaming them or fixing broken children.  Its about empowering young people and fixing broken systems.  We can see some great examples of this in Blackpool and beyond in young people taking responsibility for themselves and taking action to make a difference to the world we live in.

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