By Karen, a member of the Resilience Revolution:

Why is ‘having responsibilities and obligations’ one of my favourite Resilient Moves?

It could be seen as a bit of a drag.  Something that may weigh heavily on your shoulders, rather than pick you up. We all have responsibilities and obligations. Whether it’s looking after your brother or sister, making sure you get to school or work on time, or even making sure the dog gets out for a walk.

But, why is it my favourite Resilient Move?  I’ll let you into my little secret…

I’ve brought up 4 wonderful children, I’ve got 3 beautiful grandchildren, and I’m also proud to say I have an 84 year old dad who goes jogging and has an enviable six pack!  He’s even famous: the world’s oldest Rugby League player no less, and he has dementia.

When I was bringing up my family I thought my responsibilities and obligations were more than enough.  On top of all the things I need to do, and along with my full-time job I now have to care for my dad as well.  He may not remember that his granddaughter’s a teacher, or his great granddaughter’s just started school, but he’s still my hero.

When times get tough I remember that my brother and sister are happy to share my responsibilities.  I take my dad out at the weekends and listen to some amazing old stories, and laugh with him at the same old jokes.  It’s not a trial, it’s a pleasure I really look forward to.

So, try not to think of responsibilities and obligations as something you might dread.  You can definitely get more from giving than receiving as the old saying goes.

So, my favourite resilient move works for me.  It could work for you too.  Just give it a try.

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