For today’s young people, life can be tough at times and for some far more than others. Lancashire Mind, a key member of Blackpool’s Resilience Revolution would like to share this week’s resilient move of putting on your positivity glasses.

Young people remind us every day that there is always hope, even in the most difficult of times. Remembering your positivity glasses, especially at these times, is a great way focusing on the good things around us. This can give us a better chance of feeling less overwhelmed and more hopeful that things will be OK in the end.

To help spread the word to our young people we asked the pupils from a Blackpool primary school to create their own positivity glasses. This was a fun task for all involved as the they were able to understand the message whilst openly talking about their feelings to the class, which is sometimes tricky in life (for all of us)!

A young person said: “‘I liked it when we made the badges and positivity glasses because it made me think that I can actually do things in the future.”

Another young person, said: “I liked making the positivity glasses and now whenever I am sad, I think of 3 good things about my life and wear my glasses.”

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