By Rochelle, a member of the HeadStart team:

Once a month I meet with a small group to play board games.  Each person can bring a game with them and this means I get to play lots of games that I would never have thought of playing for myself, so it really helps me to try new things and mix things up.

I joined in with this group a bit selfishly at first because I had a few games on my shelves that needed more than two players and I really wanted a chance to play them. I only really knew one or two other people who were in the group and I was a bit nervous about mixing with people I didn’t know very well and meeting new people. Before joining, I wasn’t really sure what I could talk about but I found that because we have a game to play, it makes conversations with new people a little easier for me – we always have something in common to talk about even if it is just explaining the rules of the game to each other. I’ve met lots of interesting people through playing board games, and mixed with people who live in different towns, who like different things and have a different perspective on things than I do.

Here is a picture of us all at our Halloween themed game day.

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