Young co-leaders of the Resilience Revolution Hannah, Beth and Adam look at the ‘Good Housing’ Resilient Move and recognise that whilst they can’t choose where they live, their town or house, they can control their own spaces within their homes through organisation!

Music at homeHannah says, “Listening to music motivates me to get myself organised and clean the house because certain songs drive me to get things done and the atmosphere of songs allows me to put myself in a positive mindset to power through my daily checklist!” Beth agrees, “I get loads done when I have music, when I get stressed I listen to music and I find I get more done with it than without it!”

The young co-leaders have come up with a playlist to help you power through getting yourself and your space organised, here are their top 5 songs!

  • Queen- I want to break free
  • Basshunter- Now you’re gone
  • Guns n Roses- Sweet child o’ mine
  • Cranberries – Zombie
  • Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

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