The move ‘Focus on good times and places’ helps our resilience by reminding ourselves how many special people we have around us and how many amazing places we can go to have good times.

The Resilience Coaches recently took young people out to spend time with good people at Fleetwood Boating Lake, where they used their resilience to catch crabs, even when this seemed impossible. 

Whilst crabbing, so many other resilience moves were hit as the young people made new friends and mixed with new people, which included people who will be attending their high school.

The young people also helped to instill a sense of hope in their friends who weren’t having as much luck catching crabs in the beginning. Exercise and fresh air was a big part of the trip, too.

Reflecting on the day, one young person, said:

“I was so patient today, it wasn’t very nice at first when we weren’t catching any but we had to just wait until they were ready. I still had so much fun and enjoyed watching everyone get excited when they caught one. It was also so much fun to be somewhere I hadn’t been before.”

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