One year ago, my swimming ability was pretty poor – I was just about able to go down water slides and then scramble myself back out of the pool – not a pretty look!  Yet triathlons really interested me – I would watch in awe at the Brownlee brothers as they completed their swim, bike and run event. But as practically a non-swimmer, I didn’t think it was ever possible for me.

I have always been into fitness and exercise, and over the past few years pushed my running distances and completed a number of marathons.  I felt ready for a new challenge, and my thoughts always came back to doing a triathlon. So although I felt nervous, I researched and joined a local triathlon club.  

Throughout the day, they offered a variety of swim, cycling and running sessions. I needed something which would fit around my full time job and home life.  I didn’t find the time for my interests and hobbies – the time is always there and everyone has the same 24 hours a day available to them, instead I MADE the time for my interests and hobbies.  For example, I would be at a cycling class at 6am, and later that day go for a swimming session at 7.30pm. 

By setting dedicated time for my training, within 5 months I had already completed one triathlon.  This was a massive achievement and it spurred me on to sign up for more. Next summer, I will be doing a 2km open water swim, 56 miles cycle, ending with a half marathon.  My advice… set your goals high, make a plan and never give up.

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