In partnership with @bfcct and their PL Inspires team we are realising Resilient Move of the Day every few days, here is today’s 🏃🏼‍♀️☀️

Exercise releases chemicals in your brain called endorphins, these are what can make you feel happy. The Government has advised that we should all be doing at least one hour of exercise per day and this is a great opportunity to get up and about and doing something. One of our amazing co-leaders of the Resilience Revolution Lita, explains what she has been doing to keep herself occupied during lockdown and making the Resilient Move, ‘Exercise and Fresh Air’.

“During the lockdown, I have still been using my bike for transport and getting to places. I love using my bike because it
gets me out about and it is faster and gets me to places quicker. It also provides an extra bit of exercise whilst being quick and efficient getting me from A to B.

I have also been doing daily dog walks, this is great because it gets me out of the house for my hour a day exercise. Walking the dog allows me time to think and reflect on my day and sometimes helps me to problem solve. During this time, we have been
working hard to train my dog and work out what she likes to do – Coco loves her ball!

We also have a huge trampoline in the back garden, this allows me to burn off energy. This is great because it is a bit of fun during the day and I can practise my flips whilst
getting my exercise in.”

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