In these uncertain times, we will all be finding ourselves in new and challenging situations. Never has there been a greater need for Resilient Moves to be made for us and by us, however we realise that not everyone has the same opportunities to make them as others. This week’s Resilient Move is fresh air and exercise, some of us are lucky enough to have access to outside space, if so fill your boots and make your way over to the website to watch the vlog. If you don’t, here’s some handy tips to keep you going until we get more information out.

  1. You can still exercise inside, even from your chair if you’re not as mobile at the moment. Every little helps!
  2. If you don’t have access to open spaces for fresh air, even opening your windows or doors for a short while ( if it’s safe to) can give you a blast of much needed fresh air. We know opening the windows in the room you sleep in, for example, can help get a good nights sleep as well… only needs to be for a short time if you feel the cold.
  3. There are free apps you can download that re create the sounds of nature, you could stick in your headphones and enjoy!

Exercise and fresh air by Cody

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