Lisa on bedtime routines:

Probably the Resilience Move we all could relate too, especially new mums and teenagers!

Try and implement a good bedtime routine, stick with it for 4 weeks to give your brain enough time to adjust to it.  Re-address anything that may be disturbing the routine and just keep trying until you hit the bed time you have in mind.  I like getting up before anyone else so I can have that first brew in my own time and get myself prepared for the day ahead.  As the saying goes “The early bird catches the worm”. Being active through the day also helps, so build in another resilient move of fresh air and exercise this will help a lot.  Have a relaxing bath before bed, maybe read a book or a magazine or even a bit of mindfulness or meditation.  Avoid stimulants before bed such as coffee, tea, soft drinks or energy drinks, try a warm milky drink instead.

A big thing in my home for everyone including myself, is screen time.  It’s best to avoid screen time for at least one hour before bed.  This includes computers, smart phones, tablets and also the TV.  I have found it helps to leave phones and tablets downstairs so you are not tempted to check for messages, have a look at notifications or a quick flick on your social media apps.  I made a phone box in the kitchen so phones can be on charge overnight and be fully charged for use the next day.  If you use your phone for an alarm, buy a cheap alarm clock so you don´t sleep in.  By using a phone box in my home I have found that the kids get up out of bed earlier and a lot quicker in the mornings, just to find out who has sent them messages and check the numerous notifications that have been pushed through cyber space.  Some phones also have a setting that is classed as downtime for time away from your phone, explore your settings and use it – it’s there for a reason.

Getting enough sleep is important, it helps with your mood and gives you a better attitude.  It helps repair your body and mind and gives you an emotional break to help you gain a balance in everyday life.

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