Ellie, a young co-leader of the Resilience Revolution shouts, “You have to try it, it’s amazing!” Ellie is telling the group about the wonders of banana bread and if you haven’t tried it, you should! As part of the Eco-Warriors group, we discuss how to reduce waste. This includes food waste, thinking about how we can all use up those things that are going out of date, that have been lurking in the back of our cupboards for a while, or those sad looking (now brown) bananas that are sitting in the fruit bowl, crying out for a use!

Banana Bread

This is where the idea for the banana bread originated, Ellie began telling the group how it used minimal ingredients but can really make use of what you have AND it can taste delicious too. Ellie instructs another co-leader how to make it and tells them that she expects to see all their would-be-waste products, going to a good use, “use up what you have”, Ellie advises and this way, you can also reduce the amount you are buying and develop your life skills too.

How will your banana bread turn out? Practice your Resilient Moves and think about how you are reducing food miles by not buying more!

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