Hi, my name is Adam, a co leader of the Resilience Revolution. I have been working with other young people and staff to come up with a kindness playlist. The team quickly compiled a brilliant playlist, calling upon a few Resilient Moves along the way. Having a laugh, leaning on others and thoughts of spending time with good people and good places, are resilient moves that you will undoubtedly experience when listening to this playlist. In these tough times, many young people in the RR use music to help them through the challenges of daily life. With this playlist, I have focused the theme on the value of kindness and supporting each other through these difficult times. Visiting loved ones and embracing our nearest and dearest is not possible at the moment so enjoying music together is another way of connecting us to our family and friends. So take a listen, enjoy and more than ever, be kind to each other. #RR #GoodPeopleandGoodPlaces #BeKind Check out the link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Kio0CSMTXwWVmzNeW5Mo9?si=sdVtZ8okTGSbC99ZFjW4nw – via Microsoft Kaizala https://aka.ms/kaizala

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