Corron and Danielle are co-leaders of the Resilience Revolution and are also a part of the ‘Open Up the Mic’ Group at HeadStart who are working with ShowTown, Blackpool’s first museum. The group have been working on having a laugh during this tough time and each morning, a member of the group posts a joke to cheer everybody up. “My favourite joke so far has been, ‘What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk” says Danielle, “It’s just funny and light-hearted.”

The group however, is turning into much more as they share ideas on what meals to make from scratch working on the resilient move, ‘Developing life skills’. “Each week, we are set a different challenge and this week’s challenge is to post our pictures of meals we have made from beginning to end either with our family or on our own. I think this is a good idea because people will be able to develop more life skills for after lockdown”, says Corron. “Young people will be able to do things better for themselves and this has taught us to think about what things are healthy or not, how much sugars are in our fooHaving a laughds and the group has also lead to a bigger debate – does salt taste different at home than it does at the chippy?!”

Whilst being part of this group, Corron has discovered that you can make a chain of resilient moves, such as, “having a laugh is important but it doesn’t come on its own, we can think about organising ourselves by being prepared for what we are cooking that day.” The co-leaders think the group is a, “good idea because it keeps us engaged even through the current situation and we all have a laugh and question each other. I think these are engaging challenges and its fun because we get to see what everyone else would do in their day-to-day life away from HeadStart.”

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