The Resilient Move for this week is ‘take what you can from relationships where there is some hope’. This move helps people to positively expand their network of friends. It helps us to consider different types of friendships and relationships that meet different needs, and to see that relationships can be built through activities or events which can lead to something good.  Not all relationships are perfect, but we can take good things from relationships where there is some hope.  A relationship doesn’t have to be able to offer everything, to be able to offer something will benefit our lives and encourage resilience.

Kerry, Lisa and Nicole are part of the Resilience Revolution and share an office, working closely in many ways and on many projects.  When you work together 5 days a week it’s useful to have a good relationship, Kerry, Lisa and Nicole consider themselves great work friends, and that friendship meets various needs not just on work related matters.  They have someone to rely on if their workload is extensive or challenging, they have someone to help them solve problems if needed and have someone to have a laugh with, to cheer the day up, especially if times are tough.

When thinking about relationships remember people come and go – don’t write off or forget about people who were once helpful, kind and funny in your life! They may be able to step in again at some point in the future and contribute to your life at home, school or work.  Remember even if you don’t see someone every day it doesn’t mean that you can’t take something from that relationship.

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